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About Us
Our Purpose

To build up confidence through our actions, provide a quality service and attend to our customers' needs so they can save time and improve their performance.

All this, by using renewable energies solutions to combat climate change.

What Do We Do?

We exist for our clients, they are the ones who make the final decision towards more sustainable energy savings. That is why we keep up to date with the latest market offers in terms of both possibilities and quality. From the beginning we understood that in order to create real value, the decisions we make and the strategies we follow must reflect our values and be designed for the benefit of all involved.

An Engaged Team

Since the beginning, we prioritise the personal and continuous relationship with our clients, with the aim of providing them with the best solutions at any time.

The team is composed by complementary profiles: engineers, strategic and commercial managers, supported by the back office, as well as electrical technicians who are essential for an excellent service.

Our Business

We are expanding our business by providing high-quality and personalized service to our clients, through operational excellence and a committed workforce.

We operate in Spain, with a special focus on the Catalonian area. We provide a comprehensive consultancy service and execute panel projects, electrical charging points, capacitor batteries, certificates of occupancy and a professional electrician's service.