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Solar Panels
What is a Solar panel?

Solar energy is the renewable energy with highest potential. The photovoltaic process simplified: the sun's rays hit panels made of semiconductor materials that convert the energy received into electricity.
The responsible for carrying out this transformation are called solar cells. Are the solar panels and they are small cells made of crystalline silicon or gallium arsenide.


• Renewable
• Abundant
• Environmentally-friendly
• Reduces the cost of electricity
• Shared systems
• Silent
• Low maintenance

Our Process
First Step:
Project Study
We perform a detailed study about the feasibility and ROI of the photovoltaic panels.
Second Step:
We provide a budget for the entire project.
Third Step:
Visit Engineer
We have certified engineers on staff. We schedule a first visit of an engineer to the correct checking and subsequent design of the project.
Fourth Step:
Installation and Mounting
Llevado a cabo por profesionales certificados de la empresa. Preparación y transporte del material, montaje completo en plazos cortos.
Fifth Step:
Subsidies and grants
We handle the possible subsidies and grants from agencies and Public Authorities for the benefit of the investor physical.
Sixth Step:
We offer a total service after sales. Maintenance, technical assistance and monitoring.
Energy Saving
Invest in the smart saving through solar panels
Consulting & Planning
We perform a query and pre-planning of the whole process
Your Home is Energy
Cada día el Sol nos provee energía en abundancia a través de las placas
Expert Technicians
Nuestros técnicos e ingenieros disponen experiencia previa en proyectos del sector
Frequently Asked Questions
Depende de las dimensiones del proyecto, el gasto energético y la inversión realizada. El ROI suele estar entre 10 y 20 años, aunque este plazo se acorta significativamente si contamos las ayudas y subvenciones.
We ensure that everything is in compliance and, if necessary, we arrange all the required permissions.
Hay distintas posibilidades de realizar los pagos (al contado o fraccionado). Además, tramitamos las ayudas y subvenciones para cada proyecto en particular.
Dejamos una herramienta útil para el cálculo del potencial de este: Cercalia API